Sunday, September 13, 2009

About Silver Skull

You are the pirate captain of a small ship and crew, navigate through 30 levels destroying ships and collecting coins and booty.

As you collect more coins you will be able to buy weapons and ships, all with the hope of conquering the infamous pirate galleon Silver Skull for yourself. You have to be careful though to keep your crew happy, so make sure to treat them to wenches and rum whenever you can!


Silver Skull includes:
- 30 challenging levels
- Port where you can buy wenches and rum to get game tips, bonus items & lives
- Armory where you can trade ships and weapons
- Bonus items including: floating gunpowder barrels, fireballs, ship cloaking and more
- Campaign & skirmish mode with level selector
- Global high scores

So buy Silver Skull today and pillage the high seas. As a famous pirate once
said: “Make a black flag and declare war against all the World!”

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